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Our options now come with a 25 year colourfast guarantee


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For your peace of mind: The Build Directory team have been involved in the glazing industry since 1998 and are passionate about you, all our customers receive the very best products with the very best in performance and style. Quality needn’t cost too much. Key Benefits of replacement windows & doors, Most replacement windows and doors replaced now are taking out old UPVC and replacing with new.

Some of the initial UPVC on the market were given guarantees that have now elapsed meaning they are showing signs of wear and tear also many of with companies issuing them are dissolved.

Patio Doors

Were your windows & doors fitted prior to 2005? If so have you experienced any of the following common problems that often are indicators that the product is ready for replacement?

  • Misted units
  • Mould in the inside of the frames
  • Gaps in the seals internally and externally
  • Drafts
  • Leaks
  • Noises from outside
  • Discolouration
  • Cracks in frame of glass
  • Peeling lead
  • Condensation
  • Problems opening or closing
  • Damaged Handles corroding
  • Scuffed thresholds
  • Cock spur security locks


Energy Efficient Windows

With rising energy costs the government passed legislation that from 2010 it was a lawful requirement that replacement windows and doors must reach a C rating in a bid to reduce the amount of energy used.

The Government has now recently passed legislation that all homeowners must install A rated energy efficient windows as standard from 2016.


25-year Colourfast Guarantee

Most UPVC windows and doors commonly advertise that they are given a 10 year life span, meaning that in 2025 you may be starting again. Our options now come with a 25 year colourfast guarantee against discolouration, cracking, warping and discolouration that’s a whopping 150% longer.

Now if you divide their price by 10 and ours by 25 we are normally less than half the real cost.


Our A rated windows are fitted advanced coatings that allow the sun to heat your home in daylight hours whilst reflecting the heat from your home back inti the room. With the brand new warm edge technology the seals are 950 times less conductive than standard double glazing and virtually eliminates condensation.

Most standard double glazing those even installed in the last 10 years when this technology was being introduced would only achieve an E window energy at best. The A rated unit is on average 40% more efficient than standard double glazing and three time that of single glazed.

To illustrate the difference, 1 m2 of low E glass emits 91 kilos less of carbon dioxide per year than 1 m2 of standard double glazed window


Many UPVC Windows may look the same from a distance, however just like a remould tyre vs a new tyre look the same at a distance. So don’t be fooled. Its also not what your fitting but who is fitting it. Would you feel comfortable carrying out a surgical operation even if you were given the finest medical instruments?

Some easy to spot signs that you have inefficient, insecure, or poorly fitted windows and doors. And why when you replace them the advert you respond to should say  “we won’t be the cheapest and you don’t want us to be”.

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