Conservatory roof conversion


This project we converted a conservatory roof from plastic polycarbonate to Elite self clean solar control glass


The original roof was made in opal polycarbonate wich is a perfectly acceptable material light weight and relatively inexpensive to produce.

The U.K. Has some harsh weather and that can bring its on climate conservatory roofs can't always adapt to. They can often become unbearably hot is summer meting candles and ruining furniture, noisy in rain and hail, very hard to clean and freezing in winter turning your conservatory in to either an oven or a freezer at times.



The Solution Celsius performance glass with there self clean coatings and solar control technology they creat a room for all seasons with a view that never disappoints!


" the new Celsius glass roof has given us our room back for the cost of just the roof it's like we've started again and now we have the wow factor"