An Orangery for all seasons with our Celsius Performance glass! #orangeryforallweather

This customer came to us with an existing Large Conservatory that was largely unusable due to the thermal performance. 

Min the summer the polycarbonate Roof and standard glazing made the building too hot and in the winter the room was too cold as the heat was able to escape through the panels.  

There aim was to create a full width building to incorporate both rooms on the ground floor to have access and had considered a solid roof, however were cons rned about the lack of natural light they would receive. As the property is on a large decline they needed a patio terraced with steps leading to the garden and access to a spa pool outside.

The Solution 

We removed the old Conservatory base frames ans roof. 

Built a full width brick built Orangery with side and front pillars for Internal and external strength and lighting. 

Side doors and windows and form Bifold doors for maximum access and natural light to enjoy the views of the gardens.

we installed a double hip Celsius Elite performance glass roof with easy clean coating Accoustic performance. Boasting an impressive list of attributes:

78% heat reflection

0.9 U-value

94% UV protection  

Easy clean  

visibility light transmission 34% 

This Roof is tested to approx 9 feet of snow load and approx 160 mile per hour wind speeds.  

Inside we have fitted LED spot lights and Electric inferred heaters.  

The flooring had been fitted with the very highest quality Vinyl for hard wearing traffic areas.  

out side we built a natural Stone patio with steps leading to the garden and access to the pool areas. 

Result Happy Customers