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Solar PV Photovoltaics

Solar power your property – turn daylight into electricity and get paid!

Did you know that the sun emits enough energy in less than one hour to power the entire world for a whole year?

Key Benefits of Solar PV: Electricity bill savings. A basic 4kw system could provide approximately 6o% of your annual electricity, drastically reducing your growing bills.

Protection from rising energy costs:  Your monthly energy costs are expected to double over the next 10 years

Government Feed in tariff payments guaranteed for 20 years: Your electricity supplier will pay you for each unit of electricity your panels are expected to generate based in the following criteria:

Generation tariff: Your electricity supplier will pay you a set rate for each unit of electricity your panels generate for your home or your building.

Export tariff: You will also receive an enhanced payment for 50% of the total amount of electricity your system is expected to generate, which is exported to the grid.

Your panels qualify you for Feed-in Tariff payments– tax-free, index linked annual payments guaranteed by government for 20 years. This ethically sound investment well serviced has a better interest rate than any bank.

Registering for FITs

Once we have installed your generating technology, take these steps to register for FITs: We will register you on the central MCS database. The installer will then send you a certificate confirming MCS compliance. Tell your chosen FIT supplier that you wish to register for the FIT and send them:

  • a completed application form
  • the MCS certificate

For solar PV, the Energy Performance Certificate that shows your home has an energy efficiency rating band D or better.Your FIT supplier will:

  • cross-reference your installation with the MCS database and undertake other eligibility checks
  • confirm your eligibility and the date you are eligible for payments form
  • add you to the Ofgem Central FIT Register, which records all installations in the FIT scheme agree with you if and when you will need to provide meter readings and when they will make FIT payments to you – these will form part of your statement of FIT terms.

About Solarwall

We are proud to be in partnership with the north east premier renewables company Solarwall and the energy centre: They have been at the forefront of energy energy saving since 1977 and have single handedly saved the local area over 1.5 million tonnes of CO2. They average car weighs 1 ton so that’s a lot of carbon saved.

Designed around you Solarwall have introduced Yorkshires first purpose built Energy center: Complete with working Air source heat pump, solar PV and Solar Thermal panels. Product displays for heat pumps and green technologies for the public to feel and touch. Our staff are on hand to answer your questions and advise you on the best systems or your home.

Solar iBoost – Solar Immersion Diverter

Maximise the use of the solar energy generated by your panels – generate free hot water. A Solar iBoost uses energy that would normally be exported from your solar photovoltaic panels to the grid to instead heat your water, by diverting the solar energy to heat the water in your tank.

Key Benefits

Fuel bill savings. You could be saving up to £250 annually with the free hot water the Solar iBoost will be generating for you.

  • Will not affect your Feed-in Tariff payments.
  • Preserves the environment. Heating your water with the green energy produced by your solar photovoltaic panels will contribute to alleviating your carbon emissions.
  • No need to change the existing immersion heater.
  • 3-year product warranty.

A Solar iBoost has two components: the controller, which is usually situated in your airing cupboard, and a “sender” located at your main electricity meter, often found outside. The sender has a clamp which monitors whether or not the electricity your panels are generating is being exported to the grid. The sender will wirelessly communicate to the Solar iBoost how much of your electricity is being used by the household, so the Solar iBoost knows how much energy to release to the immersion. The Solar iBoost intelligently ensures that only excess generated power is used to heat the water.

The Solar iBoost has a manual boost function that allows you to override the system and switch on the immersion to run from the grid if you need it.